Brayden CPR Manikin with Red LED Lights


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The Brayden CPR manikin is the first ever manikin to demonstrate the visual flow of blood from the heart, to the brain during CPR. Training students will easily learn how to execute proper and correct CPR in time of need, but also remember the purpose, the vital importance of the correct and execution of CPR

There are three kinds of indicator lights that allow students/instructors know if the procedure is being preformed correctly

  • Blood circulation indicators: lights change speed to reflect the blood flow in proportion to compression depth, aiding visualising the blood flow from the heart to the brain.
  • Compression indicators: depending on the CPR quality indicators will partially or completely light up. If the lights completely light up then that means that the procedure has been performed correctly
  • CPR quality indicators. These only light when the compression depth and speed coincide correctly with the given default value
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